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Play Pick 3 Midday

The first thing is that you can play 2 times a day, incredible isn't it, plus you can win prizes up to $500. when you are playing select three numbers between 0 and 9 and don't forget to choose your style of play, the value of the bet and the draw you want to participate in.

7 styles to play

  1. Straight: The value of your bet will be $0.50 or $1 for each ticket but the numbers must match in exact order.
  2. Box: Same as Straight but more flexible because with this style the order of the numbers does not matter, here also the value of the bet will be between $0.50 or $1 per play.
  3. Straight/Case: The cost per play starts at $1 but you can win in exact order and in any order.
  4. 1-OFF: For $1 you can use this option and win a prize, each play you make has 1-OFF numbers that are 1 less than and 1 greater than your 3-digit entry.
    Combo: win on all straight combinations of a 3-digit entry chosen. The cost is $1.50 - $6 per ticket depending on the numbers selected.
  5. Front Pair: Pick 3 has this drawing for those who only like to make a 2 digit selection, select 2 numbers from the first 2 columns of your ticket.
  6. Back Pair: Here you can only choose the last two digits of your play, cost per ticket is between $0.50 or $1.