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Jackpot triple play florida

Find the winning triple play jackpot numbers, results Tuesday and Friday at 11:15 pm. Not all of us are lucky enough to win in the lottery. And knowing how to make plays in some draws can bring some confusion. Nothing better than getting lucky and winning in triple play jackpot, right? Now, what do you need to know about this draw? .

play triple play jackpot

In this guide we will tell you some basic things so that you can participate correctly in triple play jackpot. The triple play jackpot ticket is composed by 3 plays and only one of them can be done by yourself, that is to say that you will choose your own numbers and the other 2 plays will be randomly selected.

The selection of the numbers to participate in jackpot triple play must be between 1 to 46, the price to play is only $1 pesos if you want to add combo and increase the chances of winning a prize it costs you $1. Jackpot triple play allows you to play your numbers for several consecutive draws, if you wish to play in advance just specify the retailer.

Win triple play jackpot

If you have 3 plays for only $1 it indicates that you have more probabilities of winning, next we show you the combinations to win a prize in jackpot triple play.

Adding the combo to your triple play jackpot increases the chances of winning a prize by 1 out of 5.28, that is, at least 1 out of every 5.28 plays with combo is a winner. The combo prizes are as follows.